Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big Wednesday Giveaway Competition

It's Wednesday, I've just combed my hair with a wet fish so it must mean another freebie. This time it's the chance to grab a copy of the the classic John Milius "Big Wednesday" movie. If you haven't seen this by now, welcome home to earth. If you've watched this a 100 times, here's your chance to make it 101 and upgrade your sad, scratched copy. If you won a Bustin' Down The Doors DVD last time round, do the decent thing and let someone else in the line up catch one.

Question: One of the actors in the movie played Curly in another classic 70's movie. Who was the actor and what was the film? Answers on an email to please!

The competition is open until Sunday 14th and the winner will be picked at random using some well, uh, random method.


yoursurfblogsucks said...

Gary Busey

Your Surf Blog Sucks

Beach Bum said...

I quite agree. Do you want a DVD?