Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stoked For Mandela

It's twenty years ago to the day since Nelson Mandela was released after twenty seven years imprisoned on an island off the Coast of Cape Town. When I consider the sorry shower of goons we have in charge here, you can struggle to remember that there are any politicians who are worth a hill of beans. Nelson Mandela is one of only a few, remarkable exceptions that I can think of.

Today's anniversary had me wondering about all that time Mandela spent in jail so near and yet so far from the pleasures of the ocean and the surf scene that his fellow countrymen (and women) were enjoying while he festered in the clink.

What if he'd never spoken out, never fought the fight and kept his head down? Like I said before, some ads I just don't get, but this is one is rather wonderful. Produced for the Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten - the Danish newspaper that ran those Mohammed cartoons back in 2005 - it makes a point about free speech and activism that hits home hard.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big Wednesday Giveaway Competition

It's Wednesday, I've just combed my hair with a wet fish so it must mean another freebie. This time it's the chance to grab a copy of the the classic John Milius "Big Wednesday" movie. If you haven't seen this by now, welcome home to earth. If you've watched this a 100 times, here's your chance to make it 101 and upgrade your sad, scratched copy. If you won a Bustin' Down The Doors DVD last time round, do the decent thing and let someone else in the line up catch one.

Question: One of the actors in the movie played Curly in another classic 70's movie. Who was the actor and what was the film? Answers on an email to please!

The competition is open until Sunday 14th and the winner will be picked at random using some well, uh, random method.

Monday, February 01, 2010

When Surfers Evolve

I was going to entitle this post "Aquatic Advertising Conundrums ... Another Occasional Series" but I hope you'll agree that the title I settled on works best. I will be posting several more advertisements with aquatic themes where the product, idea or lifestyle we're being sold isn't immediately, or even ever, clear.

I spotted this undeniably arresting shot when I Googled '"Fish" for some pictures that Nipper 2 needed for a homework exercise. As you can see, it's an attempt by the World Wildlife Fund to highlight the dangers of climate change by suggesting that...uh...well...hmm - you'll have to fill in the missing words as I struggled to make any sense of exactly what the connection with fish-head and climate change is.

It just reminded me of certain people I know who seem to spend more time in the ocean than on dry land, who swim relentlessly on training nights, particularly the ones with webbed feet and gills behind their ears that they think their long hair disguises.