Friday, January 15, 2010

Rather Stoked ...

... to see one of Beach Bum's photographs feature twice in the February edition of 220Triathlon. They've a section on the UK's toughest triathlons and surprise, surprise (not) - our Perranporth Extreme Surf Challenge Tri gets their vote.To quote their piece:

"Over its 23-year history this triathlon, which centres on North Cornwall's north coast surfing beach, has gained huge respect thanks to the "surf swim". Competitors must negotiate sea swells of up to eight feet, white topped breakers and on-shore winds as they swim out for the exhausting open water section. Ironman age-grouper Kit Stokes remarked that the Perranporth swim made Ironman Hawaii seems easy. Oh, and that's before the hilly bike course and a run along the soft, sandy beach. Ouch."

Nice to see the recognition and I'm sure Chris Strickland, who's been behind this event from its inception, and the club's triathlon committee will be chuffed as well.


Alex Wade said...

Many years ago, in a long-distant time when I was fit and healthy, I completed this event, having been talked into it by Andy Cox. It was hard but great fun - one of the best buzzes I've ever had. Good work to all those in Perranporth who've made it into such a special event.
Alex Wade

Beach Bum said...

Thx Alex - I remember reading your Independent review of your race - it's still up on the club website. Fingers crossed you'll be fighting fit soon - but don't rush it. I've had bit of back trouble myself lately so - albeit to a lesser extent - I've been empathizing with your recipe for co-dydramol & vino rather more than I would like.