Friday, January 08, 2010

More Naked People Calendars 2010 - zzzzzzz

Regular readers here will know (my REEF rants excluded) that I am not averse to enjoying imagery from the garden of fleshly delights. Even I, however, am wondering if getting photographed with your kit off - even for a worthy cause - is getting rather passé?

With the possible exception of strippers and priests (and for the latter, it’s surely only a matter of time) I can think of very few professions that don't have a calendar out this time of year depicting themselves in various states of undress. Inevitably, naughty bits are shielded with strategically placed footballs, books and whatnot. You’ve got the usual crew of firemen and rugby players but everyone from clowns, Ryanair cabin crew and - wait for it - Polish coffin manufacturers are getting in on the act.

That's Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson on the left - a "wannabe surf chick and cowgirl”. Apparently, “she’s better with her lasso than catching waves." Yee-haw! I don’t know about you but the leash and stiletto combo is troubling - in a forbidden, kinky sort of a way. Maybe that’s just me. Anyway, the cause is a noble one and the internal debate she had with herself before stripping off revealing. I’m just not sure we need a bunch of self tagged “techies” stripping off for charity.

If you do feel the need for some cheeky calendar action I’ll point you closer to home where a “group of buff Cornish surfer boys” (that’s just a plain troubling juxtaposition) are baring all to raise money for a mate who lost and arm and leg in a traffic accident. Credit to the man in question, when he found out what his friends had gotten up to, he insisted that a cut of the proceeds should be donated to Help For Heroes. I know you can buy this Beach Bum calendar for £10 in GUL stores and the Truro branch had stock in lately. If you ain’t from round these parts you can also email to arrange delivery with a £2.95 surcharge towards postage and packing. Better to spend your money on that than this.

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wizad said...

why not??.. if we are free .. why not do it.