Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kite Surfing Watergate Bay

I took this shot yesterday during a bracing, gale force march along the beach at Watergate Bay. This kite surfer had the sea to himself and was ripping up and down the shallows at close enough to high tide. Mind you, watching him had me thinking about a recent rescue at Perranporth. Loads of fun - but like most ocean sports, it's best to get some pointers from those who know before you try to take off. The British Kite Surfing Association will point you in the right direction.

(This shot's my wallpaper at the moment and I've attached a reasonable resolution image in case you fancy doing the same.)


joan said...

really lovely shot! I had a new camera for my bday (50!) earlier in year and love taking photos got quite nice shots in cornwall!
swimming going well just trying to master sculling! but really cant multitask i tend 2 not breathe when im concentrating!! not good lol
ave a great new year 2 all your family
Joan from a very snowy midlands!

joan said...

Happy new year bb and family x

Georges ABOLIN said...

bonne année happy new year 2010 !!!

nursemyra said...

Great shot! Happy New Year BB xx