Friday, October 02, 2009

The Collective Noun For A Group Of Grommets Is...

... yet to be assigned as far as I know. Great list of collective nouns here, one of which might work - but feel free to suggest your own. I'm fiddling about with uploading widgets just in case you're wondering if there's any rationale for posting this shot. Any my own little grom just came 2nd in his first surfing competition last weekend.
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joan said...

Hi beachbum
been reading yr blog 4 a while, good news on yr son at the competition.
just wanted to say, at the age of 50, i learned to bodyboard on perranporth beach 3 weeks ago! I cannot swim, went with friends who have moved to cornwall, I really loved it!!! it was daunting at first going up to my waist (previous to this ive only ever dipped my toe in the sea!!)
will be there next year!!! and cant wait! its also now give me the confidence to take swim lesssons!!
all the best
joan from landlocked midlands

Beach Bum said...

Hi Joan - thx mucho for the comments and I'm delighted to hear you are making progress - and more importantly - enjoying being in the ocean. It really is never too late. Just today I was in the pool trying to improve my "bilateral breathing" .. I was such a crap swimmer a couple of years ago and even the thought of trying to swim freestyle for any distance was a no no. Sign yourself up for lessons and next year I'll expect to see you shredding out the back! Good luck and let me know how you get on!

Beach Bum said...

A collective noun for grommets? I'd have to go for "a colony of grommets".

And Joan, congrats on heading deeper into Mother Ocean, have fun and be careful.

The Carolina Parrothead.

Mick said...

I be going for

a splash of grommets
or perhaps
an annoyance of grommets
but we could go for
a happiness of grommets

because they usually are that.

Beach Bum said...

Hi Mick - long time no sea etc .. quite like "splash" meself!

joan said...

Hi Beachbum
After 3 swim lessons im doing great! just gave the lifeguards few scary moments!! I go with the heart support group i belong to then half hour lesson, ive managed a few strokes on my own!! im determined im going 2 swim before going back to perranporth next year for more bodyboarding! my question is, i know you can have surf lessons, but can you also book lessons for bodyboarding?
many thanks
joan from landlocked midlands

Beach Bum said...

Joan - sorry about delay in responding - been a bit of a blogging hiatus as I've been xtra busy recently. Bodyboarding lessons? Yeah, there's several groups like this one that offer lessons - just google a few and take your pick. I see a lot of people trying out bodyboarding down at Perran ... if you're going to go out make sure you buy a decent board - definitely not one of those little cheapo fabric covered ones they flog , get yourself a pair of fins designed for boadyboarding and a decent coiled leash. There's ones that go round your arm which I personally prefer to the wrist fixment. Stay safe, stay between the flags and have fun!

Espiga said...

The word your looking for is 'Gromopoly' used by ancient watermen!

Beach Bum said...

Heh Spikey one - your not referring to your ancient mariner there are ya? ;)