Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Powers Of Three

It's been quiet on here - I know. Don’t care. Beach Bum & Co. have been doing what we do best – sunning ourselves on beaches, swimming in oceans and avoiding anything that looks remotely like work. Yes, we've just come back from two weeks on this beach off the Catalan coast and give or take a plague of jelly fish, a visit to casualty and our Nippers locking the keys in the boot of the hire car it was a seriously chilled break. And now the sun shines in Kernow and I’m back on the beach again tonight. Does it get any better?

I positively enjoy the time out from the keyboard, the Twittering and the relentless review of the in-box and the spam folder. Well, I’ve sifted through the dross and spotted some stuff that needs checking out.

And, like Alan Partridge straining for a link, and talking of Relentless … case in point the new Powers Of Three film that charts Tom Lowe (from just down the road in St.Ives), Fergal & Mickey Smith (no relation) sizing up some bestial waves off the Irish coast. Makes me homesick and scared simultaneously. The full monty here or the edited vibe below.

You’ll need a stiff drink after watching this. Powers for three anyone?

(This was a sponsored link – but that’s OK ‘cause the film rocks and unlike our MP’s, I really, really need the money – I need a new wetsuit)


Anonymous said...

Hope you get that wetsuit soon

All Tweaked Out said...

A new wetsuit is a much better cause than a new duck house or getting your moat cleaned....and your right, the film rocks. Awesome.

Beach Bum said...

I'm envious, as you read at my site I got to the beach for a little while a couple of weekends ago but its never enough.