Wednesday, April 15, 2009

T Time Fashion With Beach Bum

Spring has felt more like Summer lately so it was off with the California Surf Co. hoodie and out with the T's. Beach Bum is to T shirts as Imelda Marcos was to shoes so when the fine folks at fuelmyblog hooked up with Iffyton High Street and offered me a free T in return for a blog review I had my hand up faster than a vet's up a cow's behind.

lab_image_bruce_lee_TThe Iffyton site allows you to wander along a virtual high street where each quirky "shop" front is themed to tempt you in where you'll find an eclectic range of T shirt designs. After much dithering, my morbid streak had me coming back to the "Dead Celeb" section of the Royal T shop. I couldn't find anything directly associated with surfdom but with a nod to our skateboard riding cousins, I settled on the Bruce Lee T in green.

Bruce Lee is an obscure and politically incorrect Australian slang term for erect nipples. I mention this as the weather's turned chilly today and I now have a right pair of "Bruce Lee's". I should also point out that I don't skateboard and I don't think Bruce Lee did either. If he did and held the deck like that - well - according to this bloke, he'd be a poser. Anyway, I like it and Sea Nymph says the green matches my eyes.

I have absolutely no idea how "ethical" these T shirts are. They might be manufactured in a sweaty shop by tiny lady-boys on their day shift. I'm sure if this is the case, the team at Iffyton will let us know - and make good by laying on some gender reassignment surgery for their workforce.

I'm not taking ecofriendlygreenethicalorganicrenewablerecylable issues lightly it's just that, according to the Guardian, "Men shop less, thus causing the planet limited harm". In mitigation I should therefore direct you to a new-ish company called Rapanui that started as an "underground" (marketing schpeil for "unknown" - unless they represent a hitherto clandestine species of troglodytic clothes manufacturer) T-shirt maker on the Isle of Wight.

Precociously youthful surfers Martin & Rob Drake Knight appear to have come up with an approach to selling clothes that, frankly, I wish more of our high street suppliers would mimic. "Buying a high-street tee, you get a new look for a few days and fund that company to make another tee for next time. If you buy a Rapanui tee, you don’t just get the look; you get supersoft, organic natural fabrics, ethical credentials and your money directly contributes to the wind and solar powered factory in India where your tee was made." Strooth! Not only that, but if you've ever fancied one of your designs on a quality T shirt, email for more info and a design brief.