Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick Sells Surfing Shenanigans


March in Kernow is a bumper bonanza of a month for Beach Bum, birthdays and Celtic Saints. Nipper 1 turns eleven, Sea Nymph is still 34 tomorrow and like waiting for the bus, you get one Saint's Day at the beginning of the month and shortly thereafter, St.Paddy staggers up behind.

Of course the festival is a prime opportunity for shops to sell all manner of "toot" to all manner of fools. The mouse mat above is just one example. "Isn't everyone a surfer on St. Patrick's Day? Enjoy a wee bit of pub humour when this beer toting, surfing Irish leprechaun hangs ten on his shamrock surfboard." Feck off! Please go here and buy all their stock so we can have a ritual burning.

Ah well, "Happy Paddy's Day" to one and all. There's a little bit of the Green in us all - even this grumpy old Orangeman.


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Anonymous said...

is that a mandarin or a Brussels sprout?