Monday, October 20, 2008

Serena's A Surfing Beach Bum...

...and it was always going to be difficult to ignore a headline like that, especially with the attached picture as explanatory accompaniment.


Yes, yet again I have been leafing, nay loitering, through the pages of the builder's daily rags. Obviously, as this post evidences, the salacious tone of the Sun & Star is rubbing off. Plus ├ža change, perhaps, but I fear that wherever I may have fancied the tonal denominator this blog was previously set, it is swinging disturbingly close to "lowest" and "common". Another night sleeping on the floor with just a bottle of Bush to keep me company. I really hope we have our home back soon.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

More Beach Fashion Gone Wrong...

...or is that thong? The builders tend to leave their titillating tabloids on the table - which is proving a bit of an education for the Nippers. The Dow Jones may be jaw-dropping, Wall Street is wobbling and the FTSE's being kicked around like an old casing but for the readers of the Daily Star, this news can't compete with headlines like "Blackmail Over My Porn Movie". Of course, I can't lower myself to read the gutter press so I can't imagine how this clipping ended up here.