Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New REEF Web Site - Same Old Asses


I'm sure this image of Esther Baxter will be offensive to a few sensitive souls, irritating for some and pin-up poster material for others. No prizes this time for guessing which category I fall into. Now I've no idea if Esther can surf but she sure can dance. I've seen the video. The effort I put into researching a post - honestly, it's can be so demanding. The thing is, however you perceive the image above, it is recognisably Esther. Possibly it's something to do with being able to see her face.

Well, the other day I was scanning through an email from a surf related feed that I subscribe to. "Big" news in the junior playground of corporate surfdom - REEF have launched a "new"webshite. As regular readers will know, I've had a beef with REEF over their marketing tactics for a while now. (REEF is a subsidiary brand - along with many others like Wrangler, VANS and North Face - of the behemoth that is VF Corporation.) Call it sexploitation or just lazy marketing but selling surf wear, sandals and board shorts off of the backsides of faceless models "grinds my gears", as my bro-in-law likes to say.

Was it naive then to expect that their new website might have moved some way away from total objectification of the female form and perhaps shown the faces of the models whose bottoms have graced their advertising for so many years?

Well, as you can see, when you're signed up by one of the world's largest clothing manufacturers as a "REEF girl "you can call yourself Lila, Janie or Alice but you could be a transsexual with a todger - as long as that ass looks good, you will sell - and be sold.


Rev Merv said...

Matt 5 vs. 27-30 gives excellent advice on how to interpret this pic.

How do you get these pics and channel surfin past Sea Nymph??

All the same you have to admire God's creation

Beach Bum said...

She is a goddess. Oh to be that surfboard!

Playground Called Earth. said...

she's going to get waxy nipples when she tries to catch a wave. =D