Thursday, August 28, 2008

August, Aileens, Al and Andrew

Like being pinned down by a wave, force feeding on sand, it was when my head started throbbing that I figured I'd been holding my breath too long. Quite possibly, after gawping at the tow in surfing shenanigans off the West Coast of Ireland in the clip below, you'll come up gasping too.

Several months ago, I interviewed Al Mennie for this blog and, with my penchant for glib word play, had to resist the temptation to describe him as a "turbo charger". To say that he attacks a wave is a bit like describing the landings at Iwo Jima as a day at the beach. His mate Mr.Cotton rather rocks too.

As with many athletes near the top of their game, Al's easy-going onshore demeanour belies his feral and focused approach to hunting down bigger and bigger waves. To paraphrase the accompanying sound track from Static-X (and excuse my French), I think he wants to "f***ing break it".


Anonymous said...

amazing surf!

clif said...

pffft. they keep outrunning the barrel. pull in ya chickens!!!