Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Beach Bum Hamstrung


"I'm not best amused" was an odd, archaic phrase a friend used from time to time. It rather fits the bill. I've been drinking Jamesons and doing some Jackson Pollack to stop my mind from wandering where it will go. My Summer is stuffed.


barbiewarrior said...

you're not getting a huge heap o'sympathy here are you? was it a building injury?

Beach Bum said...

Don't enter a beach sprint race without warming up. I'll leave it at that.

Beach Bum said...

Dude, that is one ugly bruise. My summer is stuffed as well, only by the damn price or gas.

Mick said...

Yikes! Geezuz mate that is the pits. I hope it is not as bad as it looks. Do you need an op?

Good luck from down here.

Beach Bum said...

BB - I share your pain when it comes to "gas". I must work out what the $ equivalent per litre / gallon is here and let you know - shocking, I agree. We run two cars on diesel and it ain't lookin sustainable. Bring back the horse, I say.

Heh Mick - the consultant said an op would be a waste of time - "like stitching together two pieces of steak" to quote. Physio combined with stretching and plenty of alcohol seems like the only option at the moment.