Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Style & Substance From Mr.B - Surf Film Premiere


It's a few weeks away but here's a diary date worth scrawling down for those of you who'll be in the vicinity of Newquay - specifically Buzio's Bar - on Sunday the 6th July. There's free entry for the Premiere of "Substance", the latest surf flick from Mr. B Productions & Wavelength Magazine.

If you enjoyed Driven, my guess is that "Substance" will push all the right buttons for you. Expect crowds (the movie rolls around 10.30pm but you'll need to get there earlier), expect alcohol aplenty and - as Mr. B assures me, expect perfect waves, epic sessions and the likes of Oli Adams, Alan Stokes, Micah Lester and friends ripping, shredding and performing similarly thrusting manoeuvres (?) - all showcasing the wondrous waves to be found around the coast of Britain & Ireland. (Presumably the ones that Andy Martin struggles to find.)


Spike said...

Shame we are taking the boys to Jack Johnson that night :-(

Beach Bum said...

I definitely need to play catch up with the White Surf crew - if it ain't tickets aplenty for rugby matches one week, it's quality gigs the next ... if I lend you my camcorder, maybe you'll run me off some footage for bootlegging? xx