Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pro Surfer Sells Shoes


Another day, another product for surfdom to sell. "Quick, we've a shed full of shoes to shift - better rush out and get us some surfing totty to teeter on a pair of high heels!"

I'd struggle to be persuaded that the advertising heads behind shoe-surf-snowboard company Airwalk's latest pro surfer signing saw fit to stretch their "creativity" beyond the usual formula where luscious babe + surfboard = sales.

It's a pity as the surfer in question - Anastasia Ashley - has by all accounts, plenty of talent and precocious water skills. But why work to highlight these when you can sell with her body instead?

Her web site is a chuckle zone - though unintentionally so. It reads like one of those menus in the Chinese restaurant of yesteryear where the courses are described in a form of English that is as curiously twisted as the noodles. So we get:

"In the incredibly changeling (?) sport of surfing, Anastasia Ashley’s goals to become one of the best surfers in the world..." and "Anastasia is now entering her next faze (sic) in her career, as she is one of the most downloaded female athletes on the Internet, through out the past years she has exploded onto the mainstream through her classic good looking winning personality, and great style. To Young girls, Anastasia is a role model, and is she's living proof that staying focused and determined will lead you to success (and shoes).To women, she's the embodiment of living the healthy active lifestyle, also being a fashionista. And to men, she's one of the sexiest Women Alive."

Just like the shoes - a load of old cobblers.


Anonymous said...

"exploded onto the mainstream"

why does that phrase coupled with that photo make me think of ejaculation?

Beach Bum said...

(a) because your Nurse M - the Queen of quality innuendo and (b)for possibly the same reasons that she's one of the "most downloaded female atheletes on the internet". I wonder if she comes as an executable file? Tee hee hee.

Playground Called Earth. said...

I mean obviously it's fine to pose in a bikini with a snow board ;D
... but high heels and a surfboard, that just looks cheap!

barbiewarrior said...

So, has anyone bought a pair of shoes yet?

nm said...

Holy shit....that was painful reading (her blog). I was two inches away from stabbing my left eye with my mechanical pencil...

Anonymous said...

Hey so yah shes a sell out ? Hmm.. Well at least she has a job, many pro surfers, male and female can't even get a sponsor. she must be doing something right.

Beach Bum said...

Anonymous - well, there ya go ... who needs a sponsor to surf?