Friday, May 09, 2008

Beach Bum In The Big Apple

When you have five days to spend in NYC, it is much better to do than blog - so apologies for both the paucity and brevity of posts. I'll play catch up later. Anyway, I gotta keep moving to burn off all the calories I'm taking on. Fried potatoes for breakfast is just plain brutal.

In the meantime, here's another Beach Bum I bumped into at the marvellous MOMA - courtesy of Mr.Matisse.


osl said...

Few weeks ago you asked me on :
"comment dit “Beach Bum” en Francais? C’est le meme chose?"

So I got the answer (i'm just back from San Francisco). So, the translation is "clochard" (bum equal tramp ?). Beach Bum in French would be "Clochard des plages".

Anonymous said...

I love NYC. I love MOMA. I love burritos and potato for breakfast in a new york diner

lucky lucky lucky you

Beach Bum said...

Have a great time and get a picture of the Empire State building from the top. Thats one thing I want to do myself.