Friday, April 11, 2008

Mick Fanning & REEF - Cheek To Cheek

lab_image_assfanningI note that surfing supernova Mick Fanning has signed with REEF for another 5 years of backslapping and mutual profit. “The relationship with Mick and Reef must continue" said REEF manager, Heath "Nutty" Walker in a voice that I imagined - completely without reason - sounded like Dr.Strangelove. So expect a lot of sandals then. The next flip flop is "top secret and set to release Spring 2009". Top secret?

The last lot had a bottle opener in the heel (grips dog shite harder than a sumo) - what the feck are they gonna stick in the new one? A GPS system that plots your course from bar to bar? Why break with tradition, I say?

Earlier we had the REEF Dram Sandal marketed by one retailer with refreshing candour thus: "Not content to simply open alcoholic beverages, the Dram includes a polyurethane encapsulated flask in the heel, good for smuggling liquor into pretty much any event you can think of." Much loved by the underage drinker and college student majoring in alcoholism, US retail giant Nordstrom pulled it from the shelves. Spoilsports. So go on REEF - give us a sandal with a cubby hole for coke. If you don't, I will - and you'll see Beach Bum's Ganja Guttees hitting the stores sometime soon.

NB: This is not a picture of Mick Fanning's arse. Unlike the REEF girls, it's not easy finding a pic of Mick in a thong.


barbiewarrior said...

You're just doing it on purpose now, aren't you?

Beach Bum said...

Yes, but you're loving it xx

gracefullee said...

Whaddaya mean? There's a picture right here in my wallet of Mick in a thong!