Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Games Groms Play


Beach Bum & family were round at a mate's house for lunch the other day. We were well fed and vino'd with some of France's finest. (Let me take this opportunity now, Choirboy, to apologise for drinking all your wine and the bottle we brought.) Young Surferdawg (more from him later) - the resident Grom - was sofa'd up, stretched out with Mac and tapping keyboard.

Turns out he's just one of the thousands of peoploids that have signed up to play YouRiding - the free, online surfing game. I know this post is as far from topical as as you can get without making an announcement that "the British Are Coming" and hoping to see the redcoats queuing up for their slot on CNN but, to quote my friends at Switch-Foot, there may be more "mature gentlemen of the surf" old farts for whom this may indeed be news. If it is, sit back, lobotomise and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

excellent - i've been trying to decide on the best way to employ my time in the last 2 months of this job..this looks to be a fine contender (and i guess this makes me a mature gentlewoman of the surf)

SurferDawg said...

yea this game is sick but i think that version 1 was the better, shame u cannot pick between the 2, lol ur lunch sounds rather gd beach bum