Friday, March 07, 2008

Julian Wilson - Pretty (Surfer) In Pink


If you've been following the action at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast as intensely as I have (zzzz) then you'll know that some baldy bloke won another shedful of cash having fun riding waves. (Anybody else think that Kelly Slater looks like George Michael's younger brother? Wake me up before you go go...)

...OK, I'm tough on Pro surfers - but they're a highly paid, privileged and pampered species - I'm sure they can take it. I was more interested to read about young Julian Wilson and his pink surfboards. With many big brand sponsored surfing competitions hype-fests, the personalities and shenanigans behind the scenes are often more interesting than the actual event.

lab_image_julian_wilsonJulian turned up with a rack of pink surfboards - not a colour choice normally associated with ballsy rippers. What was going on? It was all a savvy stunt to raise awareness & money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Julian explained that he "... had lots of friends on the junior series tour lose their mums to breast cancer, and my mum is a breast cancer survivor too, so I just thought it'd be a good way to bring attention to the disease and raise money at the same time".

Credit where credit's due - one of these boards fetched close to $5000 Au here - so the folks over at the National Breast Cancer Foundation should be pleased. And the boy can surf...

Check out Julian's "Sushi Roll" - quite amazing. Just hope there's no dolphin in that sushi...


Ilona said...

Hi :)
A propos my note with Banksy pic- it's on the wall in the center of Poznan, here in Poland and everybody's wonder if it's his artwork or somebody faked his style and name. It's not rather his ;( greets

Beach Bum said...

Interesting - good forgery if that's the case. Last time I was in Poznan they fed me Flaczki - it's getting pretty popular in Cornwall now - we have a lot of Polish people working here now :)