Saturday, March 29, 2008

British Airways - Karma Bums

According to British Airway's (BA) own webshite "At London Heathrow Terminal 5 we’ve created a natural, logical journey that’s so calm, you’ll flow through. It shouldn’t take long to get from Check-in to Departures. Transferring and arriving are just as simple and calm. Spend the time you save enjoying the excellent range of shops, cafes and restaurants. Or simply relax and be wowed by the world class architecture..."

...while you wait hours for baggage, miss your flight and wished you'd booked Virgin. At the opening ceremony a few days ago Mrs. Windsor (aka "The Queen") was declaring that Terminal 5 would be a "21st Century gateway to Britain". By Thursday when the cattle market opened for the plebs the reality looked all together more mediaeval.

As many surfers will know, BA banned surfboards from all its flights late last year. Despite a petition signed by over 10,000 travellers, a barrage of negative PR and objections raised by some of our Members of Parliament, BA resolutely stuck to their two fingered customer service strategy. Given the recent fiasco, which further highlights the arrogance and incompetence of the airline's management, it's hard not to savour their embarrassment as the karmic wheel turns back their way.

So I'll leave you with this shot of Willie Walsh, their CEO - he's running a cowboy operation and he knows it.

DFW CEO Jeff Fegan and BA's CEO Willie Walsh

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Anonymous said...

they banned surfboards? wow, I didn't know - that's pretty extreme isn't it?