Monday, February 18, 2008

Yakuza Bums Threaten Free Surfer


Here's three Yakuza bums - (UK and US meanings of the word "bum" applying simultaneously in this instance). They go in for tattoos apparently. If reports earlier this month were to be believed, they were also going out to nobble Dave (Rasta) Rastovich, the free-surfing, anti-whaling, dolphin defending and all-round hyperactive activist behind Surfers for Cetaceans (great cause - crap name).

lab_image_rasta Along with organisations like Sea Shepherd and Save Japan's Dolphins Campaign, Rasta and his crew have thrown a spotlight on some of Japan's traditional barbaric fishing practices. Whilst this has undoubtedly aggravated some in the Japanese fishing villages concerned, the Japanese government and those who like a bit of whale or dolphin in their Bento Box, I was surprised to hear that the "Japanese Mafia" were getting agitated about the issue too. Still, coming from a mob who spend their time in prison "pearling" - inserting a pearl under the skin of the penis for every year in the clanger - there's no telling what could get under their (fore)skin.

Fast forward a few days and the headlines change. Now our man Rasta is complaining about being "misquoted". He was talking about fishing industry "thugs" - not the dudes in shades and black suits with a samurai sword down the leg of their trousers. Which only goes to prove that you should never let the facts get in the way of a good headline.


Anonymous said...

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Beach Bum said...

well, it's certainly disturbing - that's for sure

Anonymous said...

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