Tuesday, February 12, 2008

DIY Surfboard Kits From Grain & Magicseaweed


No, it's not the wing of an outsized model aircraft - it's a Grain Surfboard in assembly. Produced in Maine from a company with a background in boat-building, you can now buy these wooden boards in kit form from Magicseaweed - their new (and exclusive?) European distributor.

lab_image_grainkit_300 Using white & red Cedar from sustainable suppliers you buy a kit that includes: "board frame, cedar planks and rail strips, fin box, leash plug, glue, epoxy, fiberglass (sic), rubber gloves and more. Every step of this process has been thought through and is detailed in our 40 page instruction manual. Each board takes approximately 60 hours to build, but will be around for a lifetime of waves."

This will, no doubt, appeal to the AIRFIX and Meccano heads amongst us. If, like me, you've struggled to put a shelf up straight you may be daunted at the prospect. In the USA you can buy completed boards, albeit at a hefty surcharge, but it's not clear from the Magicseaweed site that this is an option yet in Yurp.

lab_image_grain_rootThese are beautiful looking boards and any company pushing greener, cleaner options deserves some stoke. Shame though that the price policy for Europe makes for uncomfortable reading.

Take the "Root" Longboard (pictured left) kit retailing for $670 in the USA. Once you've added shipment costs & taxes, distributor's margins and so forth you'll have to pay £530 in the UK for the same board - which at the current exchange rate works out at a whopping $1032. There are additional shipping charges ranging from £30 - £100 depending on where you live in Europe. Perhaps as the folks from Grain find suitable wood sources here the price differential will fall. Anybody reading this ridden one? Do let us know.

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Anonymous said...

they certainly look great. shame about the price *ouch*