Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Atomic Surf Wax - It's A Bomb?

lab_image_atomic_waxThe DayGlo colours of the new Atomic Surf Wax from Australia certainly caught my eye."With the surf industry making advances in technology at such a rapid pace, and the demographic of surfers now encompassing such a diverse spectrum of races, ages and genders, it seemed timely to release the product to a savvy and informed market" . Such sweet talk, eh? Their site lists stockists in Australia but nowhere else to date.

We have been warned - we must "prepare to see the Atomic brand wherever surfers surf around the world" (except possibly Japan). If this means "coming to a shop near you" it had me wonder.

It's de rigueur to suffer constipation when your carbon conscience prevents you from eating the prunes you would have bought - but for the fact that they've been shipped to you twice round the world on a jumbo jet, packaged, re-packaged, de-frosted and individually canned by 3 year olds in Nepal that were videoed simultaneously whittling toothpicks from used matches. And quite right too.

So do we really need another surf wax? I've emailed the Atomic Surf Wax boyos to ask them more about their formulation - I didn't spot any green credentials on their site - but as most waxes are paraffin derived - in other words by-products from oil refineries - shouldn't we get more excited about products that are greener than your average block of wax? I confess to being on a slippery not sticky learning curve here since I've only ever used synthetic waxes but I'd love to hear good things about beeswax and traction from more enlightened dudes.

I've given myself a guilt trip now - there's no excuse - you don't have to try hard to find alternatives. In Cornwall alone I tracked down Hills Organic Surf Wax and Timeless Organic Wax. In the USA Matunas is one of the bigger brands and there's Kiwi folks that swear by Northern Lights. Time for a change I guess - though I'll be sticking with s-e-x-wax the blog, if not the block.


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