Friday, January 25, 2008

Ice Cold With Alex & Heating Steamers

Photo: William Healy Strömgren
I confess to some satisfaction in reading of Alex Wade 's suffering as he ventured into the cold, cruel Cornish sea for a session that left him with nothing but an ice head and regrets that he hadn't pulled on his hoodie/twat/baby cap before paddling out. I'm not a masochist - but I am a cold water woose who wears his Snugg winter wetsuit well into the summer months - so there's something warming about someone else shivering - if that make sense.

Still, let's count our blessings - we could could be possessed of the wave lust and live where (hard though it might be to fathom) the seas are even colder. Take this chap above. It's a subject for another day but the Swedish surfing scene hammers out some die hard dudes like this who put our whingeing into perspective... I was wondering about that
Rip Curl H-Bomb heated wetsuit that was touted as the "next great thing "some months ago. We had the hype, we had the talk, we had the YouTube viral video below. To date, however, it seems as the though the Rip Off Curly Wurly boffins have got their battery-powered fiber-optic heating coils and wires in a bit of a tangle. Perhaps hiring a test surfer called Adam Wickwire was a mistake?

Of course, there's other companies out there pushing warmer ways to reach your neoprene nirvana. Take the Hotsuit honchos from Australia. They've a strap-around-the-waist utility belt that holds re-usable, chemical heat packs. Watch out for schpeil on kidneys, boiling bags which had me drifting off to cookery class which I'm sure was unintended. Any of you Aussie / Kiwi readers ever heard of this?

Ah well, I'm sure one of these days it'll all work out and we won't have to worry about chilly willies, involuntary testicle retraction or numb nipples. Until then, you can always just pee in your wetsuit.


nursemyra said...

surfers pee in their wet suits? I thought it was only gimcrack patients who did that

Beetlejuice said...

great post!