Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How To Keep Your Dog Safe While Surfing

I thought this was going to be a series of tips about leaving a bowl of water out for the mutt or keeping the windows down on a sunny day or some such guff but no, they're talking about dogs that surf. An obviously bonkers bloke called Bruce Hooker (fnarr, fnarr) takes us through a series of tips and handy hints picked up after months of subjecting his doggie dude to "sessions". The poor little terrier appears to have dodged death from hypothermia, drowning and "manic shortboarders". And I thought it was cats that had nine lives. I expect calls to the RSPCA to peak sometime tomorrow. Enjoy the canine capers - it's a mad, mad world.

Not convinced? Check out the Loews Coronado Surf Dog contest if further proof were needed. No more doggie videos (that involve dogs) after this one - promise.

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