Wednesday, January 23, 2008

For Body Surfing Shredheads

The people over at VBS TV cobble together a regular series of "High Shredability" vignettes that focus on US surf related wave riders. Today's offering is a feature on Mike Stewart who seems like an "all round nice guy" (why craft a description when a cliche will do?). There's better footage of him sponging than body surfing but his mates think he's the man. Enjoy the end comments by one of them who muses in a slightly stoned fashion that had me thinking "Hansel & Zoolander". As honorary Beach Bum Hansel would say, "you is talking loco and I like it!"

If you're over here in Yurp (as mad dog Bush would say) the body surfing cognoscenti gravitate to Hossegor each year for the Trophée Willy Côte that's organised by our friends at the Hossegor Sauvetage Côtier Surf Lifesaving Club. Competition posters almost as eye catching as the action.

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Espiga said...

Mike Stewart....why he is up there with Laird if you ask me!