Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"There's Gold In Them Thar Waves!"

Well, there was a £1000 (courtesy of Skinners Brewery) and a year's supply of beanies (from Ignite) for the winner of the "Gold Rush" - the invite only surfing competition that was held at Fistral beach last Sunday. Who goes through beanies that fast, I wondered?

Billed as the UK's only Big Wave competition, the event is called with three days notice when the organisers have huddled round the weather charts and figured out that "something wicked this ways comes".

With boards the size of plectrums, the competitors pulled on their sucky boots and carved, barrelled, hacked and flew fin-free - with Tony Good from the
BSA sporting a trilby whilst providing a pithy, running commentary. Hell knows how they score these things but local boy Oli Adams grabbed the gold and bagged the beanies. Full report here.

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