Sunday, December 09, 2007

Rupert Bear - Eco Warrior

About this time of year, along with ordering the turkey, Beach Bum makes sure that there's a Rupert Annual on the Christmas shopping list – for the Nippers of course, ahem. (For those of you that need edumacating – look here for the low-down on the furry wagster.)

Rupert and all his “chums” (yes, those were what you had before you had “mates”) get up to stuff that would have old Jimbo Bond look on with envy.

Now Rupert’s parents – Mr & Mrs Bear naturally – would probably baulk at the suggestion, but I reckon that Rupert is just a few furry steps way from reaching Beach Bum status. Look at the evidence! Every opportunity he gets he’s on the beach, in the sea or off on holiday to Rocky Bay – which is clearly just St.Ives with a different name. Give this bear a bucket and spade, a stretch of sand and in no time he’s hobnobbing with Neptune or diving with sea dragons.

But this is a bear with a conscience and when he’s not helping stranded whales or rescuing stolen merboys, Rupert rolls up his sleeves, gets down and dirty with the beachcombers (they’re the ones with the shell hats) and gets his beaches clean. I will be writing shortly then, as a fully paid up member of
Surfers Against Sewage, and asking them to consider conferring honorary lifelong membership on this bear. I urge you to follow suit.

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