Sunday, December 02, 2007

Move Over Mavericks - Mullaghmore Is Pumping

Photo: Kelly Allen

Back before Troggs, circa 1980, I don't recall seeing many surfboards or surfers blowing round the streets of Portrush. Today it may be touted as the "surfing capital of Northern Ireland", but back then it was Barrys, the bars and the Golf course that was bringing in the tourists, not the surf. In fact, finding a surfboard in NI back then was almost, but not quite mission impossible.

Back then Alistair Mennie might have been in nappies, might only have been a twinkle in his parent's eyes but this weekend, the Portrush lad has had quite possibly the ride of his life - and I'm not talking about something that went on at Kellys.

Along with Newquay surfer Duncan Scott, Alistair has been out off Mullaghmore head in Donegal ripping up some humongous 50-60ft waves that, frankly, look just scary.

Speaking earlier in October about
Driven - the film that charts the hunt for these West Coast monster waves - Big Al commented that he "knew for years that these sort of waves existed off our coastline and now we are riding them on a regular basis. Now that it has been proved that waves as big as can be found anywhere in the world exist off our shores, the only question left to be answered is how big can it get?" Looks like you got close to finding that out this weekend Al. Respect.

PS It's a small world Mr. B - I'm the bloke that found your wallet in Perranporth.


lee said...

Those boys got some nuts. Lived in belfast for 3 years and remember many great days at castlerock, blackrock and trips to the west. These guys deserve more coverage.

Beach Bum said...

Hi Lee - I'm glad you had some craic up there - the scene in Donegal and Sligo used to get the headlines but the likes of Ian and Andy Hill were building up a base for Northern surfers that has gone from strength to strength. If you've any pics from those days in B'fast or the Ports - stick 'em on your blog - I'd love a trip dowm memory lane. I'll be up that way at Xmas fingers crossed. Thank God I've got my Snugg.

Birdman said...

This was an amazing day, anyone that made it out there for it will forever remember it. Duncan and Al looked like tiny matchstick men against those monsters.
Here's hoping for another day like that again soon!