Friday, November 02, 2007

Surf Film Double Bill For SAS

Is the artist drawn to surfing or does surfing stoke the art? The reasons why so many surfers and wave riders express themselves through music, painting, photography or film is something that has been exercising me for some time. There is an increasingly vibrant and eclectic movement out there that you don't have to dive too deep to find.

Take Ollie Banks, a songster, surfer and now a film-maker. He's just spent two years putting together "Nine Hundred Miles" which focuses on the "U.K.'s East Coast from Scotland's world famous reef breaks all the way down to Yorkshire's very own big wave spots"

Often, like the Switch-Foot publication, the best work is generated through collaboration, with friends and colleagues helping out to get a project, publication or an exhibition off the ground. Shoe-string budgets and goodwill are the order of the day. With a lifestyle or sport (depending on your take) that has an uncomfortable relationship with the pervasiveness of corporate surfdom, there's often a reactionary feel to the art.

So if your up East Yorkshire way Sunday the 11th of November why not nip over to Beverley and check out Ollie's film. As a bonus, you can get to watch Step Into The Realm by Tim Davies as well, all the while raising funds for our friends at SAS. Pass me the popcorn and the beer!

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Mick said...

Hi BB. Re Blown Glass, his last post indicated he was over it due to work pressures and would continue the blog in a private capacity. Maybe opening a wordpress acout allows access.
Hope this helps.