Thursday, November 01, 2007

Beach Bum Birthday Blues

I was a year older the other day. I marked the event with a hair cut that had me cracking the same lame joke with Jim the barber about my hairline receding "South of the Border, Down Mexico Way". Although he is at least fifteen years my senior - and subjects his customers to Cd's of the band he played in circa 1970 (think Paper Lace, falsetto) - he possesses a thick thatch of hair that rightly belongs on a woolly mammoth. This is so unfair. I was immeasurably cheered then by the cards my lads made for me.

They depict their Father falling off a (
Bilbo) surfboard, sleeping on a surfboard with his butt cheeks exposed, showing off his muscle, snoring and playing Halo 3. I am also pictured with a speech bubble calling "Yo dood!" [sic]. Ah, they know me so well.


nursemyra said...

bald is sexy

what's with the bare butt cheeks?

Beach Bum said...

Hi NurseM - bald may be sexy - in fact maybe I should shave it all off instead of hanging onto what my Sea Nymph refers to as the badger road kill look. As to the bar butt cheeks - I'll leave ya wondering tee hee.

Espiga said...

I always had my suspicions you were one of Jimbo's have the same haircut as my nephew, my brother-in-law and all the men on the hill up yonder!
When Jim is no more, the fringe WILL make a comeback in Goonyville
Happy belated birthday Beach Bum from the White Surf crew:-)

Beach Bum said...

Is it that obvious oh spikey one? Now, I'm really depressed. Jim has a new sofa in his shop now, and I was the first to discover he has a remote whoopee cushion set up - so when I sat down, waiting like a lamb for the impending follicular slaughter, an almighty fart erupted - which I blamed on the other guy next to me. By the way, I'm looking for a place to crash out after next week's AGM as Sea Nymph is up in London ... it's between you and Simon L. Be afraid, be very afraid.