Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ROXY Parfums - Scent For A Woman?

This Beach Bum likes to think that the combination of my natural pheromones and male musk are all the olfactory adornment needed. Sea Nymph does not entirely subscribe to this view so I have been known to splash on the Old Spice, or a spritz of the Blue Stratos for special occasions.

As you can tell, I'm pretty sophisticated when it comes to the subtleties of scent - comes from all that time on the beach surrounded by beautiful women. No surprise then that when ROXY - the brand that "likes to provide the sporty woman with fresh styles for her inspired lifestyle" -launched their first fragrance last month they selected this Beach Bum to receive a sampling of their pretty-in-pink perfumed products to pass on to Sea Nymph and some female friends.

According to the French perfumer that worked on the fragrance, when you marry Frangipani and Ylang it delivers "salted amber harmony" that's evocative of the sea. The
ROXY fragrance blog will tell you more than you'll ever need to know about Ylang. I'm still struggling to pronounce it.

The eau de toilette went straight to Sea Nymph for evaluation - well, straight to her wrist for that curious ritual that women do with perfumes that's honed from year's of sniff tests. The verdict? "Breezy, floral, fun" - straight into the handbag. Job done, ROXY.

Next up and pictured left, Emma, a former Miss Cornwall, musician and hypnotherapist who volunteered to try the shower gel. Loved the packaging, loved the look but thought the smell took her to "Barbie's beach house" rather than some exotic palm fringed isle as hoped. Still, it did get her clean.

Caitlin, the last and youngest of the volunteers had only to be shown the box of body lotion for a paroxysm of pleasure to pass across her face. Forget about the pearl extract -there's ROXY power for you!

The ROXY brand sponsors the "
Keep A Breast" operation fighting against breast cancer which is one of the reasons this post is here. No animals were tested in the production of this piece though I did eat some salt beef sandwiches the other day.

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