Sunday, October 07, 2007

Rescue 2010 Lifesaving World Championships Coming To Cornwall

I haven't posted anything here for a few days - mainly because I temporarily lost the power to move my arms and legs and all associated appendages without groaning. This was the result of a moment of madness that had me signing up for our Surf Lifesaving Club's winter swim training sessions. I found myself floundering up and down the lanes of Waterworld in the company of men and women that I'm beginning to suspect are some hybrid aquatic spawn with gills cleverly disguised to look like ears.

I digress... the big news for those interested or involved in Surf Lifesaving was the announcement at the beginning of the week that the UK secured the bid to host the Rescue 2010 Lifesaving World Championships. This will be held in Cornwall and will involve building an Olympic sized outdoor swimming pool adjacent to Fistral beach.

Local businesses are rubbing their hands together like Scrooge on speed, politicians who wouldn't know a Rescue Tube from a tyre inner have been congratulating everybody - mainly themselves - on bagging the bid. Meanwhile somebody is going to have to figure out the logistics of hosting an event that will involve more than 6000 competitors from 55 countries competing in events ranging from flags, ski paddle races, Iron man to surf boat races. It is easy to be glib, as is my way, but "Hosting Rescue 2010 really matters – here the sea, safety and service matter more than gold medals and we want the opportunity to prove that."

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