Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nude Dudes Surfer Calendar

I was gonna say "here's one for the chicks" - but then I'd be accused of sexual stereotyping. The Surfs Up Surf school just up the road at Polzeath are getting ever more creative in their ploys to raise funds for their Boardriders Club - a non-profit making initiative that's designed to help local kids enjoy the ocean. All in a worthy cause then - so head on over to the Orca Surf shop and make your purchase.

If you can't wait until the postman delivers (fnarr, fnarr) the calendar to see the other buffed bodies on display, then check out the snapshots here. In the meantime, here's Mr. January. The frontispiece on the calendar announces "Let the mind unshackle, set it free". Looks like Mr.Jan hasn't quite unshackled yet - phew!

WARNING! Google "Nude Dudes" at your peril - as I discovered to my cost


Paula the Surf Mom said...


nursemyra said...

well of course I had to google "nude dudes" after a dare like that!

Anonymous said...

Nauseatingly tame

Beach Bum said...

Sounds like someone's been Googling Nude Dudes and not found wood lol