Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cornwall Air Ambulance - It's A Scandal

There must be scores of surfers, bodyboarders, swimmers and other ocean users who owe their life to the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust. Be it longboard meeting head, cramp out the back in heavy surf, asthma attack, rip currents - there's as many opportunities for a day's surf to go badly wrong as right.

Assuming you do get back to shore and urgent medical treatment is required, anyone fading fast might as well bow out early if they were to struggle in a conventional ambulance to the nearest A&E unit along the fatty arteries that are the minor roads in Kernow. And that's assuming you're near a road to start with - the beaches, clifftops and moorlands of this county are often inaccessible by road. Clearly the service that the Air Ambulance provides is both invaluable and essential.

So, guess what? In this United Kwangdom where the current lot in No.10 like to boast about all that investment in the NHS - this service that has saved the lives of thousands depends on charity not governmental funding. To ensure that the aircraft can fly ten hours a day, every day this year will cost £1,250,000. What a canny lot we have who run a country where they can hive off tax for wars that no-one wants and have the plebs stump up for services that keeps them happy.

So whether Flash Gordon calls an election sooner or later, it won't be long before the politicians come a-crawling, creeping for your vote. Make your views known so that maybe next time, when someone up in Westminster asks what's up with funding air ambulance services, the Secretary of Health comment that "there are no plans to review the funding..." will be less likely to stay as a
footnote in Hansard and more likely to make the news.

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