Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ultimate Wild Water & Facing Fear

It was actually the Snugg logo on the wetsuits that had me pause my channel hopping the other night. As regular readers will know, for this Beach Bum, when you absolutely, positively have to be in the waves, only a Snugg westusit will do.

A rather tearful girl was being helped out of some well blown but not particularly wild surf by a strong jawed comforting type. What was it all about? Well the BBC have a clip up here from their "Ultimate Wild Water" show that will explain all.

I was musing on some of the vitriolic comments that accompanied the clip and the relativity of facing fear, a concept that may have passed over the helium heads of some of those spouting off. For example, I know of one superb triathlete who had to overcome a fear of cycling before he could go on to do his thing. Now spiders possibly, small spaces definitely - but riding a bike? But the point, of course, is that fear feeds on the irrational. And by overcoming what we are afraid of, no matter how trifling it may appear to others, defines at least in part what being brave is all about.

Now, talking of fear, I've my eye on this "Ironman" suit. If Sea Nymph finds out I'm getting measured up, I'm tatey-bread.

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