Friday, August 17, 2007

Rocking With Surfer Bob

As earlier evidenced, I have a predilection for kitsch - the tackier the better. So when I spotted old Surfer Bob here on hols, I was fumbling for the coins faster than a sucker for the slot machines in Vegas. Maybe deep down I figured that if he was "surfing the dashboard with realistic rocking motion" he'd act as a kind of wave gathering totem. It was not to be. Perhaps I hadn't chanted Bob's theme song (helpfully printed on the packaging) with quite the dignity the wave Gods demanded.

"If there's a wave he can ride it, If there's a beach he can find it Surfer Bob, Surfer Bob.
He can hang ten and then he'll do it again, Surfer Bob, Surfer Bob. He's a cool dude with a good attitude, Surfer Bob, Surfer Bob.
Bob's on the job! (repeat)"

Surfer Bob is made in China. Perhaps I shouldn't have licked the paint.


nursemyra said...

no you definitely shouldn't lick paint

Paula the Surf Mom said...

OMG its surfer BoB!!!!

Anonymous said...

We got one of those for the dash of our T25 surfwagon. Sadly Surfer Bob bobbed a bit too much and broke off. Maybe it says something about the old bus's suspension?