Wednesday, August 01, 2007

National Nippers Championships 2007

Summer came back to Cornwall and the youngest members of Surf Lifesaving Clubs from all around GB gathered with their tribes, tents and pennants on Portreath Beach. As usual, the squad from Perran did us proud!

As a backdrop to all of this, Surf Lifesaving in the UK is bidding for Rescue 2010 - the chance to host the World Lifesaving Championships in Cornwall in 2010. This is, simply put, a "big deal" for all the reasons you can read about here. One of the big-wigs on the selection panel was at the Nippers Champs at the weekend checking out the scene. If he has eyes in his head, then the effort, skills and enthusiasm of all of the participants can only have enhanced our chances of bagging the bid!

I've loaded up a stack of pics that any club members or folks involved can access by emailing me.

Last year there was a prize (well, an honourable mention) for the headgear of the weekend. This year, there was one for the "hair of the event" and it goes to this blond Billy Connolly dude from (I think) Croyde - check out those shades, man!

The wonderful beach front tuck shop that has been miraculously and spectacularly preserved in some sort of time warp from 1952 made some wonderful sugary tea that after 4 hours of water cover went down a treat. Handsome!


Spike said...

Great Video Beach Bum....the White Surf crew love it !

nmm said...

That is awesome! Wish they had something like that here....