Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bilbo, Bushmills and Gone...

With seven wetsuits, six rash vests, several blocks of SEX WAX, two bodyboards, one surf board, some fins, a beach tent, two masks and one snorkel on the roof of the Land Rover, I'd like to think that tomorrow's journey up through Wales and across to Ireland qualifies as a Surfari.

I was accused of taking coals to Newcastle, when found secreting several cans of Guinness and a half bottle of Bushmills single malt into the back of the Land Rover. Sea Nymph she did gape and gasp. But you have to be prepared. It wouldn't do to arrive in the far South West of Kerry and find the shops shut or the pub too far away to walk to.

My mate Bilbo is coming along for the ride. At nearly thirty, I doubt he's ever crossed the Tamar. There's a story there but that's for another day - I gotta finish packing - I really shouldn't be here.


Anonymous said...

Beach Bum, is it true that you are in Kerry at this very moment? I.e - just as the biggest summer swell in Cornwall arrives?

I will deputise my spies (for they are legion, and who is Mole? or is that a cunning double bluff?) to find out.

Like you, I love the Slide covers that never made it. Sharpy knows his stuff.

Vaya con dios.
Alex Wade

Sharkbait said...

Have a great time! I expect pictures. :D

nursemyra said...

so when are you coming back?