Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Beach Logs Can Kill

This has nothing to do with sewage on the beach (fnarr, fnarr). I used to laugh at philatelists - "ha, ha" - just like that. But I've been smitten with a severe dose of philatelitis and now I'm fighting off the urge to collect things too. Specifically beach signage. I know, it's sad - but when you come across a sign like this, it must be worth recording?

If you think I'm joking - and please turn away if you are of a squeamish nature - take a look at this.


Paula the Surf Mom said...


Anonymous said...

My cousin died from playing near the beach logs in Oregon. The waves toss them around and they bash your head in. I understand the humor, but it's true.

Beach Bum said...

"Anonymous" I hope I haven't offended you and given the family tragedy you describe it's very big of you to appreciate my sense of gallows humour.