Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Beach Bum Back To Base

I'm still unpacking from the trip to Ireland - both from the car and from the beaten up old trunk that is my head. No doubt bits and pieces will tumble out onto the blog over the next few weeks. It was good to be back on the 'oul turf spending time on uncrowded beaches framed by mountains under big sky. Chill zone central.

As for surf, well, as Blackadder might have said to Baldric, "It was as flat as the flattest foot of the most flat footed platypus this side of the fens". But some good spots were recce'd for next time, and we had scenery like this to soak in.

Did it mean less water time or craic? Not one jot. That's what snorkel and fins are for. There was body-boarding wavelets with Nippers aplenty, fossil fish hewn from huge rocks on the shore, jelly fish, dolphins and sea monsters - all before Guinness, crab sandwiches and whiskey in the jar-o.

OK, the sea monster bit is an exaggeration - more of a wriggly swimming worm (see the clip). I'm sure someone out there has a name for it. Do tell.


nmm said...

Welcome back. Sounds like a great vaca!

nursemyra said...

ooh you're back. about time :-)