Monday, July 16, 2007

Wet Women & Wax

I know what you blokes are thinking. I'm sorry to disappoint but with the testosterone fug that seems to hang around the back rooms where surf product branding goes on, I thought I'd try to redress the balance for the girlies a bit.

News then from Hawaii of the environmentally friendly Wet Women Surf Wax that washed ashore here the other day. If the product lives up to the hype, the company may be on to a winner.

As mentioned way back in an earlier post, I was raised sniffin Sex Wax. Then again, if I'd suckled on Mighty Mounds, my tastes might have differed. Different strokes and all that. But I'm guessing if I was a Sea Nymph and not a Beach Bum, I'd prefer to walk out with a tin of Wet Women any day. Mind you, there's nothing coy about Morgan Fisher, the lady behind the company's tag line of "making sure women stay on top".

Strangely, there's no mention of all that stuff about water temperature and basecoats, traction or anything so practical and mundane. That's probably a male performance anxiety thing. Maybe the wax rubs on like Vaseline but I think a bit of testing is required if I can get my hands on some. As I hinted at , it comes in a tin - also available in - guess what? Pink.

It does look like the company has put some serious effort into validating their green and clean credentials."Our wax is made up of biological nutrients that are compostable, are biodegradable, and can return to the earth, air, and soil without harm" - sounds good enough to eat, almost.

Perhaps that's why they add the rider about not chewing or eating Wet Women...steady, men.


nmm said...
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nmm said...

Sorry....scratch that first comment. Finally got their site to load. Curious that they chose to sell their wax in a recycled tin. ...claiming (even recycled) paper & plastic wrappers get thrown in the garbage. How are the refills packaged?