Friday, July 20, 2007

Surfer's Knobs & Sore Feet

"Anchors aweigh!", says I, as Jake chucked the buoy from the rescue board to mark the spot where several shoals of Nippers, undergoing Dolphin training, would be swimming out to. Jake, as befits an officer of the Royal Navy, politely pointed out that this meant "raise the anchor", not drop it. Pass the port, please.

Jake isn't on the beach as much as he would like. In fact, he's back at sea next week and won't be home 'til Christmas. He was enjoying the time in the water with his son. As a going away present, he'd managed to rub his feet raw on the grip nuts of the rescue board. Never mind matey - could be worse, look at these knobs here!

These were typical features on the hooves of many Californian surfers back in the late 60's and early 70's that adopted a kneeling position on their longboards when paddling out. Back then, die hard surfers with feet like these may well have lived longer than some. Such deformations meant they couldn't squeeze their sprogs into Uncle Sam's boots, so they were excluded from the draft and missed out on the Vietnam experience - well, so the story goes.

Mind you, when a shark has a chew on your tootsies as happened to this geezer off the Mexican coast, I guess you'd swop a bite for a knob anyday.

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nursemyra said...

I guess you're not trying to attract any foot fetishists to your blog then?