Friday, July 27, 2007

Go To Jail, Go Directly To Jail... not pass go, do not collect £200. Words that will be familiar to anyone who's played Monopoly - or been sent down. Beach Bum & crew are going on holiday soon. Does Beach Bum need a holiday? There's some out there may reckon my life's a perpetual vacation - not least my long suffering Sea Nymph of a wife, but I digress.

I'm sure this isn't a unique phenomenon, but I find that holidays have me pockling about with quaint distractions that I have absolutely no desire to indulge in at any other time of the year. Such pastimes include chewing through a Biro while doing the Irish Times crossword (the easy version) and playing well used boardgames that usually require some whittling of wood to replace key missing pieces.

So while stocking up with summer offer books begins before the actual packing, I thought I might sneak the Surfing Edition of Monopoly into the roof box along with the board. The Nippers and their games consoles are overheated enough. Let's get back to some old fashioned boardgames. Teaches them stuff, apparently. I'm sure I'll find a way to justify the purchase.

Instead of houses and hotels you build surfboards and woodies. It's not Park Lane but Pipeline. Yeah and some dosh from every sale goes to the Surfrider Foundation. Ker-ching! I'm sold.


nursemyra said...

pockling?? what is that exactly?

Beach Bum said...

To Pockle = to potter, muck around in a generally discombobulated fashion. Of Scots-Irish dialect origin (probably).

nursemyra said...

did you see I did a link back to you?
thanks again for the pic