Monday, June 04, 2007

Sunglasses & shades for Beach Bums

Every Beach Bum needs his - or her - shades. I mean, forget all that stuff about UV protection and eyestrain, how else can you hide those bloodshot eyes from the night before, or stare longer at the thong than would otherwise be decent?

Some words of advice - buy cheap & buy polarized. I long ago gave up shelling out buckets of cash for Oakley's and other trendy brands that scratch if you breathe on them. I've been happy with my Panama Jack's from the pharmacy in Perranporth at a fraction of the cost. Don't waste the dosh on anything that isn't polarized though. And if it's in a cabinet that's locked - beware. This is style over substance with a price tag to match.

I bought a pair of bug-eyed shades on Saturday. Twenty five quid or thereabouts. I was very fussy about the polarized lenses. The guy at the checkout looked at me and asked "Are you a Lifeguard or something ... ?" Credibility rising here, I thought - then the sucker punch "...or a used care salesman - you can see the scratches with these mate, right?"

(PS: OK, for those of you determined to spend more than you need to, Wavelength magazine have an Eyewear guide here)


Paula the Surf Mom said...

I have a pair of Oakley that I got a couple of years ago.... i just love them

nmm said...

Years as a lifeguard/instructor at an outdoor pool taught me to appreciate (and the necessity for) a good pair of polarized lenses.