Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Lifeguard's Summer

So much for the myth about blokes not being able to multi-task. One of our Lifeguards at Perranporth manages to juggle a teaching career around his work for the RNLI and has a right old flair for making movie shorts to boot. With his penchant for girls and guns it's fair to say there's a touch of the Tarantinos about him. While he was out on his rescue board, I raided his locker and got my paws on one of his clips.

And talking of kit and raiding lockers, some wacko ran a smash and grab operation on the lockup where the Patrol vehicle is garaged, nabbed it and drove off. Fortunately, it turned up yesterday in Marazion. What was that all about?

More on Lifeguard kit here. Saving lives costs money. You know where this link is going...


Anonymous said...

Hey Bum,

Just thought I'd make comment of the beach volleyball tournament which took place this weekend (just gone)

2 man on Saturday and 4 man on Sunday.

A good event with teams from as far away as Dudley.

whaether could have been better but held out, just, for the 2 days.


Doc Volleyball

Beach Bum said...

Heh Dude - tell us more - where was it held? Was that the one in Scotland or the gig in Croyde??

If you have any decent pics - email them to me at