Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First Ever Cornish International Nude Surfing Festival

Beach Bum is proud to announce the first ever Cornish International Nude Surfing Championships to be held at Perranporth beach on Saturday July 7th.. This will be held just after I’ve downed eight pints of Guinness at the Watering Hole, and conveniently after the Perran Surf Lifesaving Club’s Summer Beach Ball. Fortunately for spectators, there will be no beach based illumination as per the Fat Face Night Surf Event.

I’m afraid you will have to pay more than the going rate to enter as sponsorship from the usual surf clothing companies has been proving hard to secure. Don’t get stressed by all that bad news about Kelly Slater bombing out of the Rip Off Curly Wurly or whatever its called way down in Chileo. I’ve been sent a smoke signal by a friend of a friend who assures me that Kelly’s heading our way, keen to get his kit off and back to nature. With such stiff competition (fnarr, fnarr) me and some mates have been getting in some practice, as you can see. I’m the one with the hairy arse.

Naturalists, nudists and naked people from all corners of our United Kingdom converged on Cornwall last week as part of the Nudefest 2007 event. The climax of the event was a great gathering of the nude and the good at, appropriately enough, the Eden Project. I think all this nakedness has gone to my head. I’d better re-phrase that.


nursemyra said...

can you turn the arse around so we can see the head?

Sharkbait said...

Wow. Those tan lines are AWESOME. Love these pics. :D