Thursday, May 31, 2007

Perran Nippers Party On

Beach training kicked off tonight for Perran's Nipper squad. Relentless showers and leaden skies throughout the day looked certain to drizzle on the BBQ that was planned for after-surf. But fortune smiled and peeled a thin, blue band of sky on the horizon, painting up the beach with sun as the tide turned. It was a night of novelty and same.

New day, new training structure and despite the veritable shoal of bodies turning up, Nigel's masterplan looks like bringing something resembling order to the chaos and cacophony that is Nipper's night. The Dude was sorely missed, all laid up, achilles tendon torn.

Some things never change. I was tempted to make a bet with Sea Nymph that Spike would finally appear in a wetsuit - a bet I would have lost. Does that woman never turn blue? Bob the builder did the BBQ. I was going to say he slipped me an extra sausage - but he's a cockney - and that probably means something else up the old East End. Like Ginger Beer.

In between guiding waves of infants duck diving and body surfing, well out of earshot of the kiddies, Ian shared a joke or three that involved a woman in a coma and some oral. Nipper 2, made his debut, got his funny hat and had a ball. The waves pounded me - punishment preferred.

Here's last season's little heroes - and here's looking to some mighty craic this coming summer.


Paula the Surf Mom said...

Bum... What is that grom wearing on his head?

Spike said...

Surf Mom don't you know a clubbie hat? They ARE tradition in Surf Life Saving worldwide........and it means we can spot the wee Nippers as they float of in the rip :-)