Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lost In France - Disconnected in the UK

I hope there's some truth to the theory that drinking red wine will lower your cholesterol because the gusto with which I have been sampling Provençal cuisine for the last week will surely put it to the test. Although not a specialty of Provence, I found an eatery in Fontaine De Vaucluse serving andouillette - a plump corker of a sausage I'd discovered on some earlier sojourns. Made from the colon and stomach of the pig, some comment on the pungent, almost fecal whiff as the porcine porker - laid out in my case stacked atop a pyre of frites - is wafted from the kitchen to the table. Wonderful - I'm still digesting it. The cherries tasted like forbidden fruit, the Pastis slipped down chilled and milky. Vive la République!

And back in the UK ... BT (that's British Telecom, my ISP) are still conspiring to keep my broadband running at a snail's pace, disconnected, distant call centres and conversations endlessly repeated and reflected as in parallel mirrors. No TGV here. Back in the ocean Thursday.


nursemyra said...

mmmm.... you're making me hungry

Paula the Surf Mom said...

death to internet providers!!!

Hey, I want to go to France too. Come get me.