Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Coastal Surf To The Rescue

Beach Bums are scroungers, hagglers and traders who prefer the backstreets of the souk to the swish of the debit card and the fixed price tag so beloved of even the most purportedly mellow surf shop. Now, I understand as well as the next poor punter that business is business but for me, as often as not, RRP stands for Recommended Rip-off Price.

I wasn't always a Beach Bum you know. Back before I had sense I used to flog some stuff for a living. The best business bums were those that knew it was ultimately their customers that kept them in a job.Take a little, give a little, get a whole lot more.

So when I find a surf shop that seems to realise this fundamental, I will heap praise. A week or so ago, I was trawling up the main drag in Perranporth trying to find a full length wetsuit for Nipper 2 who's due to start at the club soon. Someone at a certain surf shop tried to persuade me to part with over £50 quid for an O'Neill kid's suit. Look mate, if I'd printed out the dosh that morning, if old one-eyed Jack himself had popped up from behind the counter and offered me a wet one, you wouldn't catch me spending that on any Nipper's neoprene.

Coastal Surf on Beach Road to the rescue! Hat's off to a certain Lifeguard with a penchant for girls & guns that pointed me in their direction, but fair play to Nick in the shop for getting the lad kitted out at a sensible price. Four stars.

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Spike said...

I will confess that I spent the cash on the O'Neill for skinny child number 2....but it was a winter suit and those brave young Nippers are on the beach for 2 hours at a go this summer.
It WILL last though number 3, Hercules and number 4, the Frogman will be wearing it. My! they will look retro by then...